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"The Captain of the Flame Guard"
Portrait roland.png
Base Stats
Hero Type: Tank - 100% IconStatIron.png (Iron)
Caster - 70% IconStatSun.png (Sun)
Attack Type: Melee
Health: High

Hero Perk (Passive): Enflamed[edit | edit source]

Flames constantly pulse around Roland, causing a minor amount of damage to nearby enemies. For each enemy hit, Roland increases his armor for a short time.

Damage scales with IconStatSun.png (Sun).

Signature Ability: Guardian Flames[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon GuardianFlames.png Roland unleashes a powerful blast of energy which protects allies and damages enemies. All nearby allies have a shield placed on them for a short time, absorbing a moderate amount of damage. All nearby enemies take a moderate amount of damage.

Damage scales with IconStatSun.png (Sun).

Shield scales with IconStatIron.png (Iron).

Taunt[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon Taunt.png Roland taunts the selected enemy, forcing them to attack.

Heroic Leap[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon HeroicLeap.png Roland leaps at an enemy, blasting the area around them with flames and causing nearby enemies to take damage. For a short amount of time enemies hit take additional damage and Roland's movement speed is increased.

Damage scales with IconStatSun.png (Sun).

Ability Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Roland Ability Upgrades

Skins[edit | edit source]

Roland skin0.jpg Roland skin1 bigHead.jpg
Roland Big Head Roland
Roland skin2 futuretech.jpg Roland skin3 industrial.jpg
Futuretech Roland Industrial Roland
Roland skin4 comrade.jpg
Comrade Roland

Community Section[edit | edit source]

Alternate Full Builds

Head-Circlets-07-Brilliant Corona.png
Brilliant Corona
Accessory-Necklaces-05-Gold Chain.png
Gold Chain
Chest-Armor-06-Armor of the Immortal.png
Armor of the Immortal
OffHand-Shields-04-Towering Guardian.png
Towering Guardian
MainHand-Staves-04-Solar Prominence.png
Solar Prominence
Feet-Shoes-04-Steel Stompers.png
Steel Stompers
Head-Circlets-06-Crown of Thorns.png
Crown of Thorns
Accessory-Necklaces-06-The Templars Gorget.png
The Templar's Gorget
Chest-Armor-06-Armor of the Immortal.png
Armor of the Immortal
OffHand-Shields-04-Towering Guardian.png
Towering Guardian
MainHand-Clubs-06-Rolands Warhammer.png
Roland's Warhammer
Feet-Shoes-04-Steel Stompers.png
Steel Stompers

Play Tips

  • Roland works best when he's in the middle of the enemy team. Since Roland's armor temporarily increase for every enemy he hits with his passive the more enemies he is around the harder he is to kill.
  • Even if you are at low health and running away it is beneficial to Taunt an enemy. While a taunted enemy will try to attack you, they will not be able to use any of their abilities, making them much less deadly.
  • Even though you have a leap, it is a better to use it to chase a fleeing enemy. If you leap at the enemy team too early, you risk leaving your vulnerable caster alone and open.

See also: Hero Playtips and General Tips.

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