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"The Prince of Tides"
Portrait proteus.png
Base Stats
Hero Type: Assassin - 100% IconStatVoid.png (Void)
Tank - 75% IconStatIron.png (Iron)
Attack Type: Melee
Health: Medium

Hero Perk (Passive): Slippery When Wet[edit | edit source]

Proteus moves quickly in the river.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon TempestMeleeRanged.png Tempest (Toggle)
Ranged: his Trident is electrically charged and his basic attacks are lighting bolts; he gains bonus IconStatVoid.png (Void), but loses some IconStatIron.png (Iron).
Melee: his movement speed is temporarily increased; he gains bonus IconStatIron.png (Iron), but loses some IconStatVoid.png (Void).
AbilityIcon GeyserShock.png Geyser/Shock
Ranged: basic attacks add an electrified stack on the enemy. Casting Shock deals damage to the target for each stack.
Melee: casting Geyser adds a knockup to the next basic attack on the same target.
Shock damage scales with IconStatVoid.png (Void).
AbilityIcon CoralShield.png Coral Shield
Proteus gains an indefinite shield of coral. Re-activating the shield shatters it, damaging nearby enemies and applying a coral infection preventing healing for a short time.
MDamage and Shield scale with IconStatIron.png (Iron).

Skins[edit | edit source]

Proteus skin0.jpg Proteus skin1 bigHead.jpg Proteus skin2 commander.jpg
Proteus Big Head Proteus Commander Proteus
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