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"The Undead King"
Portrait nazzah.png
Base Stats
Hero Type: Assassin - 95% IconStatVoid.png (Void)
Fighter - 75% IconStatEarth.png (Earth)
Attack Type: Ranged
Health: Low

Hero Perk (Passive): Curse of the Undead King[edit | edit source]

Nazzah's basic attacks apply the Curse of the Undead King. When cursed enemies die, Nazzah's Void permanently increases.

Signature Ability: Revenant[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon Revenant.png Nazzah can cast Revenant on himself or an ally. If the target dies within a short time, they come back to life as a ghost with some health for a short time.

Void Whirlwind[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon VoidWhirlwind.png Nazzah creates a whirlwind that deals damage to enemies. The whirlwind leaves behind a trail that increases allies' movement speed.

Damage scales with IconStatVoid.png (Void).

From the Grave[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon FromTheGrave.png Nazzah targets an area on the ground which deals damage to enemies for a short time. Enemies caught by the grasping skeletal hands are rooted in place.

Damage scales with IconStatEarth.png (Earth).


Community Section[edit | edit source]

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