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"The Iron Maiden"
Portrait lizeth.png
Base Stats
Hero Type: Tank - 100% IconStatIron.png (Iron)
Assassin - 80% IconStatVoid.png (Void)
Attack Type: Melee
Health: High

Hero Perk (Passive): Life Leech[edit | edit source]

Lizeth's basic attacks return a percentage of her maximum health to her.

Signature Ability: Silencing Throw[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon SilencingThrow.png Lizeth hurls her sword at the enemy Hero, causing a moderate amount of damage and silencing them for a short time.

Damage scales with IconStatIron.png (Iron).

Stunning Leap[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon StunningLeap.png Lizeth lunges at the enemy, causing a moderate amount of damage and stunning them for a short time.

Damage scales with IconStatIron.png (Iron).

Stygian Grasp[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon StygianGrasp.png Passive: Basic attacks slow the target's movement speed.

Active: The next basic attack has its range increased and will also root the target in place, preventing them from moving for a short amount of time.

Root duration scales with IconStatVoid.png (Void).

Ability Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Lizeth Ability Upgrades

Skins[edit | edit source]

Lizeth skin0.jpg Lizeth skin1 bigHead.jpg
Lizeth Big Head Lizeth
Lizeth skin2 gallant.jpg
Gallant Lizeth

Wallpaper[edit | edit source]

Grab a wallpaper and feel the power of this Iron Maiden all the time...

Lizeth 1600x1200.jpg

Community Section[edit | edit source]

Alternate Full Builds

Head-Headgear-06-Graoeks Greathelm.png
Graoek's Greathelm
Accessory-Belts-06-Nothing Left To Lose.png
Nothing Left to Lose
Chest-Leathers-05-Netherbeast Armor.png
Netherbeast Armor
OffHand-Daggers-05-Blade of the Eclipse.png
Blade of the Eclipse
MainHand-Clubs-06-Rolands Warhammer.png
Roland's Warhammer
Feet-Shoes-03-Void Walkers.png
Void Walkers

Play Tips

  • Even though Lizeth heals every time she strikes an enemy it is still important to build some IconStatIron.png (Iron). Without iron, you will take more damage than you will be able to heal.
  • It is important to buy an item that helps you avoid being stunned. While stunned you cannot attack, which means you cannot heal.
  • Activate your Stygian Grasp before you leap at your target. This will keep you from getting silenced, and having your enemy escape.

See also: Hero Playtips and General Tips.

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