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"The Waltzing Witch"
Portrait kyra.png
Base Stats
Hero Type: Support - 100% IconStatMoon.png (Moon)
Attack Type: Ranged
Health: Low

Hero Perk (Passive): Pas de Deux[edit | edit source]

Kyra gains bonus Moon and movement speed for each nearby ally.

Signature Ability: Healing Pirouette[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon HealingPirouette.png Kyra performs her Healing Pirouette, knocking back all nearby enemies and healing nearby allies.

Healing scales with IconStatMoon.png (Moon).

Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon Sacrifice.png Kyra sacrifices some of her life to instantly heal an ally for a percentage of their life.

The amount of life Kyra loses decreases with IconStatMoon.png (Moon).

Music Box[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon MusicBox.png Kyra throws a music box at the selected area, charming all nearby enemies and forcing them to look at the box for a short amount of time.

Stun duration scales with IconStatMoon.png (Moon).

Ability Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Kyra Ability Upgrade

Skins[edit | edit source]

Kyra skin0.jpg Kyra skin1 bigHead.jpg
Kyra Big Head Kyra
Kyra skin2 teaTime.jpg Kyra skin3 venetian.jpg
Tea Time Kyra Venetian Kyra

Community Section[edit | edit source]

Broken ADC Kyra Build

Kyra as far as I can tell has one of the longest attack ranges in the game, a built in charm and heal/knockback. Let's capitalize on these abilities and her natural range and movespeed.

  1. Rush Off-Hand Duel Jeweled Dagger > Blade of the Eclipse
  2. Follow up with the sword Starshard
  3. Build Void Walkers
  4. Go through the upgrade path to Crown of Thorns
  5. Build Netherbeast armor for lifesteal
  6. Movement Speed or Attack Speed ring

When teamfighting, don't focus on running through the enemy frontline to reach their damage dealers, just keep consistent damage up on whomever you can safely autoattack, keep heals going, and strategically cast your charm.

Play Tips

  • Kyra's signature Healing Pirouette in addition to healing nearby allies pushes enemy heroes away. Don't be afraid to use this skill to distance yourself from a nearby enemy.
  • Kyra has one of the longest auto attack ranges in the game. In a pinch she can fill in as the team's main damage source.
  • The more allies that are around Kyra, the more IconStatMoon.png (Moon) she gets. Be sure to stick close to her in order to keep her as powerful as possible.
  • Since Kyra can push enemies with her signature ability, it is possible to push enemies deeper into your territory, making them easier to kill.

See also: Hero Playtips and General Tips.

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