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These are the in-game tips given for each hero. For more general tips see General Tips.

Portrait artharion.png
Playing As: Maximize damage by hitting multiple enemies with Penetrating Shot.
Playing With: Keep enemies away from him so he can hit them from a distance.
Playing Against: Spread out so Artharion cannot hit multiple targets with his Penetrating Shot.
Portrait balthazar.png
Playing As: Use To Hell and Back to swap an enemy into a vulnerable position.
Playing With: Watch Balthazar closely; be ready to pounce on the enemy he swaps with.
Playing Against: Stay near your team, if Balthazar swaps one of you it will be easy to kill him.
Portrait bombast.png
Playing As: Be aggressive in combat and use Cannonball to slow fleeing enemies.
Playing With: Attack a vulnerable enemy when Bombast hits one with his Cannonball.
Playing Against: Do not focus Bombast. He can take much more damage than his teammates.
Portrait brutus.png
Playing As: Initiate fights and try to hit multiple enemies with Savage Leap.
Playing With: When Brutus initiates with Savage Leap, focus damage on the enemy he hit and stunned.
Playing Against: Try to silence Brutus after he leaps towards your team.
Portrait dawne.png
Playing As: Aim Sun's Wrath carefully by drawing a line to damage multiple enemies.
Playing With: Protect Dawne at all costs. She does a lot of damage, but don't let the enemies get close to her.
Playing Against: Spread out so Dawne cannot hit multiple targets with her Sun's Wrath.
Portrait grizzle.png
Playing As: Shapeshift to bear-form at the right time to do area damage and heal yourself and your allies.
Playing With: -
Playing Against: Buy items that reduce healing to cripple Grizzel's sustain.
Portrait hamhock.png
Playing As: While using Spin-to-Win to slow and damage enemies, you can keep moving toward them.
Playing With: When Hamhock Spins, enemies caught in the area are slowed. This is a great time to attack them.
Playing Against: Try to get Hamhock to waste his Spin to Win. Without it he is much less dangerous.
Portrait jericho.png
Playing As: Use Equinox to land damage or heals from across the arena. Watch the offscreen indicators for cues.
Playing With: Keep yourself between Jericho and the enemy, so Equinox will both heal you and damage the enemy.
Playing Against: Try to catch Jericho alone, he is weak without his team.
Portrait kyra.png
Playing As: Heal teammates and push enemies away from you with Healing Pirouette.
Playing With: Try to stay close to Kyra to get the full effect of her Healing Pirouette and other support abilities.
Playing Against: Buy items that either reduce Kyra's healing, or make you immune to her Music Box.
Portrait lizeth.png
Playing As: Use her innate lifesteal to tank by attacking. She regains health with each attack, so attack quickly.
Playing With: When Lizeth throws her sword she silences an enemy. Attack them because they must wait to retaliate.
Playing Against: Disable Lizeth. If she cannot attack she cannot heal.
Portrait lucky.png
Playing As: Stun enemies with Charge! Up to 3 times!
Playing With: Stay near Lucky, as he can passively intercept a portion of damage done to you.
Playing Against: Try to keep Lucky away from his team. If he is far away he can't use his Perk.
Portrait marco.png
Playing As: Stay at the edge of a fight until an enemy is weak, then finish them off with Death From Above.
Playing With: Try to get enemies low so that Marco can pounce. If he's weak, try to stun enemies so he can escape.
Playing Against: Stay near your wounded teammates, that way you can focus on Marco when he leaps in.
Portrait roland.png
Playing As: Stay close to Heroes. His passive hurts nearby enemies; his signature ability protects nearby allies.
Playing With: Try to stay near Roland, as his signature ability is best used when all his teammates are nearby.
Playing Against: Keep Roland away from his team, if Roland is not near his teammates they will not get the benefit of his perk.
Portrait yoshimi.png
Playing As: Make use of her basic attack range, speed, and damage. Disable fleeing enemies with Meteor Strike.
Playing With: Protect Yoshimi; she does a lot of damage for your team.
Playing Against: Save your gap-closing skill for after Yoshimi pushes you away. Once she uses that skill she is vulnerable.
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