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Solstice Arena is all about objectives, not kills. Make sure to pressure the chest and towers. If you keep your gold income above your enemies, then you'll win in the end.

In-game tips[edit | edit source]

These are the general tips given in-game when a match is loading. For tips on individual heroes see Hero Playtips.

  • As you play and gain experience with a Hero, you unlock customizable upgrades for their abilities.
  • Capture the chest in the center of the arena as often as you can. Each teammates gets 100 gold!
  • Buying items with gold makes you more powerful. Spend your gold in each match because it doesn't carry over to the next!
  • Defend your towers and Oracle. The first team to destroy the opposing Oracle wins!
  • Gold next to an enemy's name indicates a kill streak. That enemy is worth more gold when killed!
  • Learn more about the game by browsing the tutorials from the main menu.
  • Return to your platform to heal and buy powerful items.
  • Tap once on an enemy Hero or Tower to use your basic attack.
  • Teammates who stick together win together.
  • Valor is earned by playing games. Use it to unlock Heroes.
  • Want to increase your movement speed? Get shoes in the Item Shop!
  • When a tower's crystal is grey it won't attack you. Kill the enemies to deactivate their towers!
  • You can invite your friends to play on the same team with them!
  • You can level up your Heroes by playing PvP, Co-op or Solo mode games.

Tips by RinseAndRepeat

  • When someone is capping an objective or element, a shield can prevent them from taking damage which prevents them from stopping.
  • At the beginning of the game, use the resources to bait your opponents.
  • Do not hesitate. If you find an opportunity, do not hesitate to follow up, this can catch the enemy off guard.
  • Stagger when capturing the chest. If all three of you capture the chest in one spot, you will often be combo'd by the enemy team. You can position your tanks on the sides of the chest and the squishies in the back so when they enegage, you have good positioning.
  • Stick together in the early game. If you separate the enemy team will pick you off.
  • Silence prevents people from capping objectives.
  • Body blocking is very useful. If you are a tank, place yourself in between the enemy and your allies, this will force them to move around you.

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