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"The Human Tank"
Portrait bombast.png
Base Stats
Hero Type: Tank - 100% IconStatIron.png (Iron)
Attack Type: Melee
Health: High

Hero Perk (Passive): Reactive Armor[edit | edit source]

Every time Bombast takes damage, his armor value increases for a short time.

Signature Ability: Iron Cannonball[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon IronCannonBall.png Bombast fires an iron cannonball in the selected direction, causing a moderate amount of damage over time and reducing the movement speed of the first enemy Hero hit.

Damage scales with IconStatIron.png (Iron).

Bash[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon Bash.png Once activated, Bash will cause the next basic attack to also stun the target. Bombast gains increased movement speed while under the effect of Bash.

Stun duration scales with IconStatIron.png (Iron).

Bulwark[edit | edit source]

AbilityIcon Bulwark.png Protective energies surround an allied Hero, absorbing incoming damage.

Shield scales with IconStatIron.png (Iron).

Ability Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Bombast Ability Upgrades

Skins[edit | edit source]

Bombast skin0.jpg Bombast skin1 bigHead.jpg Bombast skin2 pirate.jpg Bombast skin3 general.jpg
Bombast Big Head Bombast Pirate Bombast General Bombast

Community Section[edit | edit source]

Alternate Full Builds

Head-Headgear-05-Gold Miners Helmet.png
Gold Miner's Helmet
Accessory-Rings-06-Tygers Eye.png
Tyger's Eye
Chest-Armor-06-Armor of the Immortal.png
Armor of the Immortal
OffHand-Shields-04-Towering Guardian.png
Towering Guardian
MainHand-Clubs-06-Rolands Warhammer.png
Roland's Warhammer
Feet-Shoes-04-Steel Stompers.png
Steel Stompers

Play Tips

  • Because Bombast is 100% IconStatIron.png (Iron) he scales terrifically off of iron items and pick-ups. Be sure to be building as much iron as you possibly can.
  • Bombast's Cannonball can travel the entire map; don't be afraid to shoot it at an enemy, even if they are not currently on your screen.
  • Save your Bash for the heroes that try to kill your more vulnerable allies. It is much better to stun the Marco that just jumped on your Dawne, as opposed to the Roland who is standing next to you.
  • You can use Bulwark on allied champions too. If an ally is taking a lot of damage, don't hesitate to cast it on them, it could save their life.

See also: Hero Playtips and General Tips.

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