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Heroes and Attributes[edit | edit source]

The five Attributes relate to the five Hero schools, detailed below. When you choose a Hero for a match, it helps to be aware of the Hero's school(s). Heroes fill different basic roles on a team: Tank, Support or Damage which includes Casters, Fighters and Assassins. Some Heroes are affiliated with more than one school.

Here's a breakdown of what the attributes do, and how the schools are defined:

IconStatSun.png Sun decreases the cooldown time of your abilities. (Cap - 50% Cooldown Reduction)
Sun Heroes (casters) specialize in pure damage spells but often lack health and armor. CoolDownReductionCap.png

IconStatMoon.png Moon increases health regeneration and movement speed.
Moon Heroes (support) specialize in supporting and healing allies as well as silencing and slowing enemies.

IconStatEarth.png Earth increases basic attack damage.
Earth Heroes (fighters) specialize in sustained Melee damage and lifestealing (healing for a percentage of damage dealt).

IconStatIron.png Iron increases your health and armor.
Iron Heroes (tanks) specialize in intercepting damage and shielding allies, as well as stunning and slowing enemies.

IconStatVoid.png Void increases basic attack speed. (Cap - 2 attacks per second)
Void Heroes (assassins) specialize in mobility, attack speed, and corrupting damage over time spells.

Increasing Attributes[edit | edit source]

During a game your Hero becomes more powerful as you build up these attribute values with items and power-ups. The attributes summary is displayed under your character portrait:


When you're buying an item with the gold earned in the game, notice the Stats section in the lower left corner of the Item Shop:


Abilities[edit | edit source]

Each Hero has a Signature ability and two additional abilities which are associated with a particular attribute. Some abilities scale according to an attribute value. Dawne is a Sun Hero and in all three of her abilities, the damage she deals scales with IconStatSun.png (Sun). That means the more Sun you collect via Power-ups and Items, the more damage her abilities will do and the faster they will come off cooldown. Unleash that Sun's Wrath! Collect other abilities to scale her attributes to become unstoppable.


You can also learn more in the How-To section from the Main Menu in game.

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