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The arena is a crazy place. With so many heroes vying for power in this massive war, it can get rather confusing to understand what element is worth the risk, and what element is not. To this end, the main elements of the arena are listed below in order of priority, be it defense, offense, or strategy.

Arena Map[edit | edit source]


The Oracle[edit | edit source]

The Oracle

The Oracle is the major target of gameplay in Solstice Arena. The first team to successfully reach and destroy the Oracle wins the game. Heroes begin every game on a platform position just before the Oracle, where items can be purchased with gold earned during the match. While it is very important to destroy the enemy and their Oracle, it is even more important to effectively guard your own; the second an Oracle is destroyed, that team loses the game. While direct attacks are often considered suicidal, flanking attacks and even stealth attacks are commonplace in Solstice Arena, so it is very important to remain aware and vigilant at all times.

The Towers[edit | edit source]

A tower

The Towers are the defensive structures of the arena, and they defend the path to the Oracle. The Oracle is easier to take down when the towers are destroyed. Enemy Towers can only fire if an enemy hero is alive and not on the spawn platform.

The Chest[edit | edit source]

Brutus channels the Chest

The Chest is a cache of gold located at the center of the arena. While the Chest does refresh and is not necessary for victory, the cache of gold can fund new items, armor, and upgrades that can give your hero the edge in combat. As such, it is often a highly contested element of the arena.

When a team captures the chest, each player on that team is awarded 100 gold. The chest respawns 45 seconds later, during the last few seconds the center plate can be seen rotating to point south, at which time the chest spawns.

The Runes / Orbs[edit | edit source]

Brutus channels an Earth Rune

The Runes are randomly generated stat boosters located throughout the Arena.

The Runes make your Hero more powerful by increasing an attribute (+10). Brutus is an Earth/Iron Hero so the Earth Rune pictured on the right is great for him. These Runes are obtained by channeling - that is, selecting and maintaining control of one for a few moments.

The smaller ones are called Orbs (or Pickups). Some Orbs give your Hero temporary bonuses such as movement speed or attack damage, while others give you coins, health, or increase an attribute (+3). Simply walk over one to obtain it.

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